Teeth whitening involves bleaching your teeth to make them lighter. If you crave for a bright and white smile like celebrities. So we are the answer to it here at Dental Specialists of Broward Group our experts can make your dream come true. It is important to check your teeth whether it is clean and healthy before whitening. Also mark the color of your teeth, to check the progress later. It should be noticed that claims identified with tooth brightening are viewed as restorative in nature. These cases must be precise, so as not to mislead general society. Be that as it may, the controller endures some puffery or distortion.

As an outcome, the aftereffects of brightening treatment may not be as persuading as shoppers initially anticipated. Teeth whitening are less expensive and progressively open each year. We ensure no pain or affectability anytime during or after the brightening procedure and consequences of up to 8 shades more white teeth. Every session just takes 10 minutes, and you’ll get 6 applications with your unit.

One of the most basic cosmetic dentistry procedures, teeth whitening or teeth bleaching can be performed at our clinic after an appointment. As of now, there are two methods of teeth whitening.

At clinic

First of all, you need to call us and book an appointment to get white teeth in just a few hours. The specialist will check your teeth whether it is clean and healthy. Now we will apply special gel on your teeth, the gel is also called whitening gel which is activated with a special kind of lamp. This gel will stay for an hour and that we will wash it off leaving behind the more improved and white smile on your face. In case more whitening required, we can perform the same task after two weeks.

Teeth Whitening

We want to see the transformation of your smile !

Appointment Online

At home

In this procedure to you need to call us and book an appointment with us. when you will visit us we will take an impression of your teeth and will make the night for you two in number for in jaws. From now for the next seven days, you need to place these tray after apply whitening gel in it inside your mouth and sleep with it overnight. Gradually your teeth will become whiter day by day.

It is important to inform you that whichever method choose you can change the color of old filling and crowns through this whitening process. The color of the crown and filling can be changed separately

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