If you want to get rid of slight imperfections in the tooth with the easiest solution call us at Dental Specialists of Broward Group for tooth bonding and get it fixed in simple one visit and go home with an improved smile on your face. This is one of the most simple processes in dentistry which can be done even without anesthesia. Teeth bonding is just an hour process, plus it is the least expensive cosmetic dentistry procedures available to patients.

Problems which can be resolved with the help of tooth bonding:
  • Decay tooth

  • Worn-down edges

  • Badly stained

  • Crooked tooth

  • Small cavities

  • Chipped tooth

  • Small gaps between teeth

  • Misshapen teeth

Teeth Bonding

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Dental tooth bonding is done with materials called “composite resins” as they contain the mixture of plastic and glass, This material has strength and translucency which have the tendency to combine together with the tooth.

Procedure for tooth bonding:

This is not a time-consuming procedure, it is hardly going to take more than an hour plus only in a single visit is enough for tooth bonding. In this first affected tooth is given a dental cleaning to remove dental plaque and tartar and uses etching solution to prepare the tooth. Now the specialist will color the composite resin materials to matches with your tooth color. this material is now placed to the affected area according to its shape and is made hard with a curing light. The dentist will check your bite after the process is done.

The last process is call shaping and polishing of the resin material to see whether the filling is functioning well. Tooth bound can last for three to ten years, and it will give you an improved smile.

Please feel free to call and book an appointment for at Dental Specialists of Broward Group if you are looking dental tooth bonding.

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