Even teeth have root canal treatment and last for a lifetime. These are a microsurgical procedure with an aim to remove the full nerve out of the tooth. It is a very difficult procedure with the highest number of mistakes in dentistry. Step by step x-ray is needed to get the treatment done properly. And Very often we can see on x-ray a root canal treatment done wrong. So re-treatments becomes essential.

With appropriate consideration, you’ll keep teeth that have had root canal treatment for a lifetime however it’s workable for those teeth to heal inappropriately, getting to be painful or unhealthy months or even a long time after treatment. In the event that this happens to your treated teeth you have another opportunity to spare the tooth with retreatment. An extra method might almost certainly lessen dental agony or distress and advance healing. On the off chance that you presume a tooth that had an earlier root canal requires retreatment; visit your dental practitioner or endodontist for assessment.

Reason for mistakes done while root canal treatment:
  • Anatomy of the tooth is very complicated

  • Lack of specialized equipment

  • Maybe the previous filling on top of the tooth is fallen and the patient did not visit the clinic to fix it


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When root canal treatment is not done properly then it becomes necessary to retreatment. Because there are changes in developing bacteria in the tooth which in return can cause chronic infection on top of the root. Which can cause infection in the other part of the body?

We make sure that our specialist at Dental Specialists of Broward Group give you fully satisfied re-treatment as they are well trained to do the procedure which helps in fast recovery. We keep checkups regularly for several months after re-treatment. we also do regular x-rays to monitor the healing.

Now if you have already done root canal treatment and want to check whether it was right, get an appointment today.

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