Gummy Smile Reduction

A gummy smile is a situation where a bigger portion of gum is visible while smiling. Usually when a person smile it shows just teeth and gums are hidden behind the upper lip. But in gummy smile gums are shown out and is quite noticeable above upper teeth. So few people take it as a problem for their appearance. If you are among them, so your tension ends here, we have a solution to it. Call us at Dental Specialists of Broward Group and book an appointment today and take home a beautiful smile.

We have many ways to fix your gummy smile. Basically, there are two procedures for it. One is surgical and another is non-surgical.

In the non-surgical procedure, we usually use combine two injectable substance, Botox and Restylane. In this basically, your upper lip gets paralyzed so that muscle does get pull up high when you smile. It is a fifteen minutes procedure. This treatment lasts about the next six months and can give an immediate beautiful smile. After six months the procedure need to be redone. And in some cases because of the strangeness of upper lip muscle failed to get paralyzed.

Other procedures are surgical. This is basically a muscles surgery to lower the upper lip, but sometimes there are serious surgeries in which remodeling of whole upper jaw takes place.

We want to see the transformation of your smile !

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In cases where a patient has extra gums and small teeth, we usually do crown lengthening. In this tooth, the crown is made longer so that gums are not shown much.

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