Endodontics is one of the branches of dentistry dealing with dental pulp and tissues surrounding the roots of a tooth. An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in saving teeth. And it is a very complex procedure to save a tooth from extraction. “Endo” is the Greek word for “inside” and “odont” is Greek for “tooth.” Basically, it is a study of a root canal treatment, which treat the soft pulp tissue inside the mouth. Here at Dental Specialists of Broward Group, we have specialized endodontist to face these challenges with ease. If you are the one in need of this attention call us now and book an appointment with our expert now.


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Root Canals

Root canal treatment can be said as a procedure to get relief from dental pain and to save teeth by removing pulp which contains nerve fibers and blood vessels. There is pulp tooth, beneath the white enamel and a hard layer called dentin. The pulp is the reason for nourishment and development of teeth. An adult tooth no more needs pulp to survive.

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Even teeth have root canal treatment and last for a lifetime. These are a microsurgical procedure with an aim to remove the full nerve out of the tooth. It is a very difficult procedure with the highest number of mistakes in dentistry. Step by step x-ray is needed to get the treatment done properly.

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