In our dental office at Fort Lauderdale, we know how troublesome it is to get through the day while having a toothache, no matter if it is a severe pain that didn’t let you sleep the night before or mild discomfort that puts you in a bad mood. 

A toothache is an issue that most likely will interfere with your daily routine. This is why our group of emergency dentists is always ready to help, giving you the best treatment options with high-end technology while achieving the best results in no time, so you can show your smile to the world once again. 

A quick solution at Fort Lauderdale dental office! 

Your comfort is our priority. Making multiple trips to a dental office for a toothache can get in the way of your schedule. However, at Fort Lauderdale dental office, this is not a problem. We offer you a team of specialized dentists with over 30 years of experience trained to use high-end technology equipment such as digital X-rays. 

Our dentists are capable of performing emergency procedures and root canal treatments in just one visit. Therefore, making our dental office at Fort Lauderdale into the best solution regarding time and quality for when you are having a toothache.

Dental emergencies come in different ways 

Although a toothache is the most common reason you might be making an emergency visit to the nearest dental office, other situations can also be considered as a dental emergency.

At Fort Lauderdale dental office, we got you covered against any possible emergency you could face. Whether you are dealing with a broken tooth that might need to be extracted or get an extensive restoration, or even a loose screw on your dental implant, our group of specialists is always ready to give you the attention you need and solve all your dental problems efficiently. No matter the case, we always have a solution for you.

Dental emergencies are not the only things we take care of. Proper oral health is essential, and even when you are taking all the necessary care to maintain yourself healthy, routine check-ups must be appointed to make sure everything is on the track. 

Gums bleeding while brushing and flossing is a sign that you need to make a dentist appointment. Although not dangerous, if left unattended can evolve into a complication. Therefore, our periodontology specialists will not only heal your gums but also set you back on track to maintain them healthy and strong.

The best option near you

Whether you’re having a toothache or what to improve your smile aesthetics, if you are near Fort Lauderdale, our dental office will always be your best option. Offering you a group of specialist and general dentists with over 30 years of experience in different dentistry branches, we will take care of any dental issue you may have while keeping you comfortable with our high-end technology.