Dentures are false removable artificial teeth and gums made of acrylic, nylon or metal to replace missing teeth either partially or entirely. This is one of the most reliable resolutions for people who have lost some or all of their teeth.

Missing teeth creates gaps which may cause problems with eating and speech, Dentures can help prevent problems with eating and speech plus effect your appearance positively and make you smile with confidence.

Cases where dentures are recommended:
  • In case of moving or lose teeth

  • In case of red and swollen gums

  • In case of severe toothaches

  • In case of the bad condition of teeth or not in a good position

  • In case the bridge can’t be done

  • In case the patient doesn’t want to have dental implanting

  • In case the patient doesn’t want to have a surgical procedure of dental implantation


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Losing teeth not only create a problem is eating and speaking, but it also disturbs the whole balance of the mouth. In this case, extracted teeth need to be replaced so that teeth in the mouth stay firm. It is obviously missing teeth reduces the bone level which make you look old by face by the tone of muscles getting lower and appearing of wrinkles.

To resolve all problems stated above denture is one of the best solutions. Dental hygiene is important when using dentures. After receiving your new dentures you can sleep with them wear them throughout the day. But you have to remove and clean denture after every meal so that tartar doesn’t get accumulated on it. This will help you with improving your looks, eating and speaking. If you are the looking for dentures, then why are waiting to call us and book an appointment right now.

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