Should I worry about my mouth growth?


The human mouth is more than just teeth, tongue, and gums; it is a complex system where many things are happening at the same time.  Therefore, cavities and gum disease are not the only issues the dentists are trained to treat. Every tissue and organ can be affected by distinct diseases or conditions, and our [...]

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What to do if my child breaks a tooth


Parents are constantly trying to maintain good oral health in their children. However, some things can’t be controlled with a toothbrush and periodic dentist appointments.  Children are full of energy. Sometimes, they like to play rough, and they can also be clumsy. As a result, their activities can raise the odds of teeth fractures.  Now, [...]

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5 dental care advises easing pain at home


Taking proper dental care at home will keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong while helping you prevent most ailments. However, everyone is still vulnerable, and accidents can happen at any time, leading you to a dental emergency. These situations can range from a tooth fracture with severe pain to a small cavity with [...]

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Don’t let a toothache ruin your day.


In our dental office at Fort Lauderdale, we know how troublesome it is to get through the day while having a toothache, no matter if it is a severe pain that didn’t let you sleep the night before or mild discomfort that puts you in a bad mood.  A toothache is an issue that most [...]

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